High quality bending services for a wide variety of industries and clients worldwide.

All products from Bendco HPB are manufactured in the safest possible environment, adhere to the highest quality standards and include industry leading customers service.

QC / Non-destructive Testing • Performance Equipment Calibrations • Certifications

Our certified quality control technicians hold ASNT Level II certifications in Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Visual Testing (VT) and an ASNT Level I certification in Ultrasonic Testing (UT).

Standards For Every Client And Every Project

As a standard practice, every client no matter how big or small receives the following quality control reviews:

A Five Point Quality Review:

Order Verification

Material Verification

Drawing (Print) Verification

Visual Verification

Dimensional Inspection

Inspection Standards:

In addition to the standard practice described above, Bendco HPB’s inspection capabilities include:

Hardness Testing (Shear Pin, Brinell, & King)

Wall Thickness Verification (Before & After Bending)

Ovality / Diameter Measurements

Visual / Dimensional Inspection

Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT)

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT)

Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)