Storage Tank & Maritime

We take bending and coiling to new heights

At Bendco HPB, we bring our expertise in pipe and steel bending to the dynamic and challenging realms of the Storage Tank and Maritime industries. Committed to innovation, safety, and quality, we stand as a trusted partner in delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of these high-performance sectors.

Specializing in pipe and steel bending, we provide components for a variety of storage tank and maritime systems. Leveraging our 100 combined years of experience, we deliver quality bends to meet your project needs.

Tank & Vessel

We provide custom bends for a variety of storage tank and vessel applications including foam/spray rings, handrails, davit arms, and platforms.


Versatile pipe bending delivered on-time, and tailored to your shipbuilding or maintenance needs.

Commitment to Quality

Bendco HPB is committed to the highest quality pipe bends and coils. For a quality pipe bender, trust Bendco HPB’s culture, code stamps and certification.