Induction Bending

Bendco HPB is a major supplier of induction bends, strategically located in the energy capitol of the world.

Bendco HPB is committed to providing high quality, world class products and services along with the best customer and technical support in the industry.

Faraday’s Law of Induction

Process in which an electric current is passed thru an inductor coil, placed around a pipe. This induces eddy current in the pipe, resulting in a narrow heat band at the point of bending.

To ensure uniform heating without risk of overheating, bending temperatures are computer controlled and regulated by via infrared pyrometers.

Induction Bending Capabilities

Pipe Size

2″ to 36″


0.109″ to 3″


0′-3″ to 90′-0″



Bendco HPB Capabilities Guide

Download our handy Bending Capabilities Guide, which includes information on minimum and maximum dimensions for induction (hot) and cold bending, the range of materials that we can bend, our fabrication specs, QA testing options and more.