Coiling & Splitting

Metalworking Services

Bendco HPB provides a wide range of specialty metalworking services, including pipe and beam splitting, miter cutting, coiling and more. Our precision splitting machines offer industry-leading quality and precision, and we have the capacity and availability to run jobs of almost any size.


We also coil piping of all materials including carbon and stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, chrome and nickel-bearing alloys. So if you need coils for a boiler, heater, barges, vessels or asphalt, we’re the company for you.

Beam Splitting

Bendco HPB’ beam splitting services include: plasma beam splitting, tee straightening, splitting steel beams into tee’s, tee-splitting, I-beam splitting, wide flange beam splitting , stitch cutting, w-tee splitting, tee-shapes, bending tee’s, straightening tees, stitch cut beam, split roll & tack, tee bar, tee beam rolling and bending.

Split and Flanged Casing

We provide splitting of wide flange beams down the web to produce a pair of tees. Applications include: roof trusses, shipbuilding, frames, pipe shoes, reinforcing elements for shipbuilding, tanks, and canopies.

Pipe Splitting

Typical applications for pipe splitting include bracing, pipe repair, pressure vessels, or other mission critical products. Head coil, shell coil, wear back, “jacket” a cylinder, heat exchange, half pipe, reinforce a cylinder, split casing applications, split steel pipe sleeve, half pipe sleeves and jackets.

Miter Cutting

Bendco HPB offers miter cuts on: round bar, flat bar, hex bar, square bar, ornamental tube, tubing, pipe, angles, channels, beams, and tee’s. We can cut any angle up to 45°.

Boiler Tubes

We specialize in a wide range of boiler tube bends and cutting, such as candy canes, U-bends, 180° bends, heat exchanger tubes, condenser tubes, boiler tubes, fin tubes, and feedwater tubes.


PVC, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and alloy steel.

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Pipe splitting: up to 4” pipe
  • Beam splitting: beams up to 44” in width

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