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Metalworking Services

Bendco provides a wide range of specialty metalworking services, including pipe and beam splitting, miter cutting, coiling and more. Our precision splitting machines offer industry-leading quality and precision, and we have the capacity and availability to run jobs of almost any size.

Beam Splitting

Bendco’s beam splitting services include: plasma beam splitting, tee straightening, splitting steel beams into tee’s, tee-splitting, I-beam splitting, wide flange beam splitting , stitch cutting, w-tee splitting, tee-shapes, bending tee’s, straightening tees, stitch cut beam, split roll & tack, tee bar, tee beam rolling and bending.

Split and Flanged Casing

We provide splitting of wide flange beams down the web to produce a pair of tees. Applications include: roof trusses, shipbuilding, frames, pipe shoes, reinforcing elements for shipbuilding, tanks, and canopies.

Miter Cutting

Bendco offers miter cuts on: round bar, flat bar, hex bar, square bar, ornamental tube, tubing, pipe, angles, channels, beams, and tee’s. We can cut any angle up to 45°.

Boiler Tubes

We specialize in a wide range of boiler tube bends and cutting, such as candy canes, U-bends, 180° bends, heat exchanger tubes, condenser tubes, boiler tubes, fin tubes, and feedwater tubes.


PVC, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and alloy steel.

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