The Southwest’s leader in architectural and structural bending

Bendco’s pipe bends and coils are used across industries worldwide.

Whether you have a take-off list of standard products that you need for a current job or you have a unit down and need custom pipe bends fast, you can rely on Bendco.

With several induction bending machines on site, we can bend pipes to your exact specifications and ensure the products meet stringent certifications. Our machines can bend pipe with our heat induction process from 3 inches to 36 inches (maximum diameter) with wall thickness ranging from a 1/4-inch wall thickness and up to a 3-inch wall thickness. This gives our customers a broad range of products from a single source. For occasions needing pipe bent through our cold rolling process, we can bend pipe with up to a 30-inch outside diameter.

When Details Matter

Trust us to bend and coil O.D. piping and square tubing of all materials including:

  • carbon and stainless steel
  • copper
  • brass
  • aluminum
  • chrome and nickel-bearing alloys
  • duplex, super duplex, corten, “X” grades, Inconel and hastalloy

Since we have both cold and heat induction bending machines, our products are successfully used in high-pressure situations such as high-traffic structures, subsea application and LNG operations.

Bendco Products Shipped Worldwide

  • Subsea Pipeline Structures
  • Heating and Cooling Coils through 8″
    • Helical Coils
    • Serpentine Coils
    • Tube Bundles
    • Half Pipe Coiled
  • Furnace Tubes
  • High Production Tubing: MIL-45208-A
  • Fabrication Services
  • Pipeline Bends thru 36″ x 3″ thick
  • Pig Launchers
  • Profile and Pipe Bends thru 36″
  • Theme Parks
  • Cambering 760 Ton – Bull Dog
  • Draw Bending
  • Architectural Bending
  • Skids Fabricated/Unitized
  • Bridge Tunnel Arches
  • All Alloys, Aluminum to Zirconium
  • Subsea Flowline Loops
  • Storage Tanks and Water Systems
  • Ship and Barge Heading Coils
  • Off Shore ROV Cage Systems
  • Offshore Rigs – Cell Spars Inside Support Rings
  • Cat Cracker Air Rings
  • Specialty Steel Fabrication
  • Pipe Spools
  • Manufactured Induction Bending through 36″
  • Safety – Piping Offshore and Tank Terminals
  • Solar Salt Tanks – Internal Piping & Supports
  • LNG Tanks – Inside W.F. Hardway Roofs and Side Supports

Our Bending Capabilities

We have both cold and heat induction bending machines. We service customers in a wide range of industries, including Aero Space & Defense, Energy Pipelines, Process Piping, Environment, Structural, Subsea, and Safety. Download our capabilities one-sheet.

Get Bendco HPB’s guide to bend types

Whether your project needs an angle bend, flat, round or square bar bend, tube or pipe bend, channel, beam, rail or tee bend, we have you covered. Download Bendco HPB’s valuable guide with diagrams of every type of bend that a project may require.